Community Service/Customer Orientation Skills

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logoCourse Description

This course examines the need for and the practice of community service and customer orientation through the use of employee skills. These skills are acquired and best taught by the examples shown by an organization’s leaders. The decisions and processes that are used to define your agencies’ customers not only define what group(s) are included, but they also often emphasize the strategies that may be used to allow better communications with that group.

Objectives: Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Understand management’s role in the customer service arena.
  • Identify different customers.
  • List the six steps of communication with different customers.
  • Analyze current operations to identify staff training needs.
  • Understand management’s role in the public relations arena.
  • Understand the role of public relations in changing or molding public perceptions.
  • Develop some basic techniques for dealing with the media.

This course requires an enrollment key