Public Works Operations and Maintenance

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logoCourse Description

 This course examines most aspects of the operational and maintenance tasks of local transportation departments and the typical interactions of each, both with the public and often with one another.  Traffic management and control, maintenance of roadways and streets, gravel, culverts and snow and ice control and removal are among the topics that are covered.  Work zone safety, water and waste water treatment, park and cemetery operations and the tasks of controlling storm water runoff and the management of an agencies facilities and structures round out this course overview.   By learning some the management issues and solutions in these various areas involved in public works, you, as a new manager, will better be able to handle situations with the public and your employees as they arise.  Let’s begin.

Objectives: Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Understand common public works vocabulary.
  • Explain basic management elements of public works operations. 
  • Understand the scope of public works activities.
  • Identify major federal regulations and guidelines affectingvarious components of public works.

This course requires an enrollment key